Sunday, July 16, 2006

Evilution (revised edition)

There is now a revised edition of my novel Evilution available. After listening to the constructive comments people kindly offered, I sat down and made some changes that have now been implemented. Hopefully this has addressed the problems people picked up on. As there are a lot of old copies floating around, the best option with regard purchasing a new copy is probably to buy direct from or from

Thursday, July 13, 2006


I've updated the story page on my website and added the first chapter of my latest novel, Fangtooth. Any comments/feedback would be appreciated. The novel is with my agent at the moment, and she's shopping it around.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

The Frontlist

Among the many ways to try to reach the editor's desk, I've just been informed of a new one: The Frontlist. In their words: 'The Frontlist is, we believe, the first serious online route for an unpublished novelist to get a completed fictional novel considered by a publisher. It allows a new writer to test samples from a completed manuscript within a community, and to have it undergo structured critiques by other writers. All work will move up and down a list within its genre, according to the reviews that have been written. We have an informal agreement with a senior editor at Picador to consider top reviewed work from the site each month. The process is free - no upfront money, and we don't climb into any deals that may subsequently emerge between writer and publisher. To fund the project, we simply ask that if a writer wishes to read the individual reviews on his or her work, then they pay a one-off fee. But if they chose not to, that's fine - it will have absolutely no impact on their chances of being considered by the publisher. So writers are able to use The Frontlist completely and utterly free.'

So far they are only accepting submissions under two genres: Crime and General fiction, but hopefully the list will grow if they get enough support and interest.