Monday, March 04, 2013

Win a special limited edition novella, The Heist

I'm running a very special competition to win 1 of 10 physical copies of my new release, The Heist. These are a special limited edition as there are no other physical copies available, and they are not for sale (ebook Kindle copies are available to buy from and 

Each copy is signed and numbered and I'll be giving 6 copies away. Instructions to win one are below, but it's easy to enter and just requires either signing up to the newsletter, posting on Twitter etc, or a combination of all possible ways. 

Good luck to all those who enter. 

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After a vicious robbery at a theme park, callous gang leader, Greg Armstrong blows up a rollercoaster to aid their escape, resulting in eighty-seven deaths. Months later, Kurt Vaughn and his family are enjoying a day out geocaching, but Kurt is about to discover that there’s more to the treasure hunt than he realises as the caches supposedly lead to the stolen money, and the crooks are on the trail. Now Kurt and his family find themselves pawns in a far more deadly game. 

Novella approximately 24k words.

(For all budding sleuths or those who like puzzles, there's a puzzle at the end of the story that if you can work it out, gives you details of a webpage where you can play a mini, interactive text adventure. It ideally requires a Java enabled web browser for one part, although it will work without.)