Saturday, August 04, 2012

Adventures in a VW T4

Although we are seasoned campers, we have now upgraded from a tent to a VW T4 that’s been converted to a camper. The banner across the windscreen calls it the Flying Banana, so it’s not hard to guess what colour it is (I don’t think my son, Callum understands though, as he said it should be called the Flying Apple. Presumably he just thought it had to have a fruit connotation regardless of the colour).

We field tested it last weekend by spending a couple of days at the Haven site in Hafan Y Mor. When camping in a tent, you get used to how things work, so it took a while to readjust to the size of the van. It will also take a while to learn how to pack appropriately, with what we do and don’t need to take as space is limited. Although there’s a rock ‘n’ roll bed for Deb and I to sleep on, I purchased a  cab bunk for Callum which you suspend across the front doors, but as he’s almost as long as the bed already, I’ll be looking to convert the van by making it into a pop top, but I’ll have to do a bit of research to find a reputable company to do the work.

As for how we coped, it was actually good fun and very cosy. The thing I never liked about camping was the hassle of putting the tent up and down,  especially if it’s raining, and it’s obviously so much easier to park up and be done - although we have got a drive away awning with the van, but haven’t tested it yet as I didn’t think it necessary to erect when we were only stopping for a couple of days. We shall be going away in it again in a couple of weeks, so I might test it out then. But for now, the Campervan adventure(s) have got off to a good start and I’m looking forwards to our next trip.