Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Deshca Designs - metal sculpture

I've been spending a lot of time sculpting lately, and my Etsy shop, Deshca Designs (the name comes from the first two initials of each family member) is now open for business: 

You can also get £5 toward your first Etsy purchase! Redeem now or use later to buy something you’ll love.

I hope you might find something you like. At the moment, postage outside of the UK is expensive, but if you live outside the UK, and there's something you really want to buy, just contact me and I'll let you know the price. 

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Zombies: More Recent Dead

Edited by Paula Guran and due to be published by Prime Books in September, Zombies: More Recent Dead will feature my story, Till Death do us Part. The collection contains stories by Neil Gaiman, Caitlin R. Kiernan, Joe R. Lansdale, Jonathan Maberry and many others, and I'm pleased to have been selected to feature alongside such great names. 

The living dead are more alive than ever! Zombies have become more than an iconic monster for the twenty-first century: they are now a phenomenon constantly revealing as much about ourselves—and our fascination with death, resurrection, and survival—as our love for the supernatural or post-apocalyptic speculation. Our most imaginative literary minds have been devoured by these incredible creatures and produced exciting, insightful, and unflinching new works of zombie fiction. We've again dug up the best stories published in the last few years and compiled them into an anthology to feed your insatiable hunger... 

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Metal Sculpture

I've started a new hobby, making metal sculptures. I've still got a lot of learning to do, but I'm enjoying 'creating' my metal menagerie. Each one takes me a few hours, and I'm learning more with each one I make. These are what I've created so far:

I always enjoyed metalwork classes at school (yes, I can just about remember that far back), so I'm rekindling an early passion. Like anything, practice makes perfect, or at least helps you improve, so now onto the next one ...

My first commission (from my son) for a rhino beetle:

Monday, April 28, 2014


Although it was done a couple of months ago, I didn't update on here that my novel Evilution has a new cover by Karri Klawiter and it's been re-edited by Stacey Turner. Both of these people are a pleasure to work with.

It seems a lifetime ago when this was originally published back in 2003! I've learned a lot since then with regards writing, but you never stop learning.

Humankind is about to change ...

Shrouded by fog for nearly two years, the picturesque village of Paradise harbours more than its share of secrets. Having won a cottage in a competition she can't remember entering, Chase Black moves to Paradise, only to discover that its beauty is skin deep - murder and madness fester in its shadows. When her travelling companion, Jane mysteriously disappears, she starts asking questions. Why are the villagers behaving so oddly? Who are the strange figures she sees lurking in the fog? As Chase becomes afraid that something terrible has happened, events escalate dangerously out of control. A virtual prisoner; too late she discovers the real reason she's there ...