Monday, November 27, 2006

Update time

Okay, I thought it was time for a quick update on what I’m up to. Well, the zombie novel that I’m writing, tentatively titled ‘Deadfall’ has entered the home straight. The first draft should be finished within the next couple of weeks. Then I’ll lay it to rest, probably until after Christmas before bringing it back to life to do the revisions. I’ve had a blast writing this one.

I’ve had a new short story called ‘Clockwork’ published in the latest and last issue of Wicked Karnival. Clockwork is also one of the stories that’ll feature in my collection ‘Voyeurs of Death’ (you remember the collection; I've mentioned it before - keep up;-)) which is slated for release early 2007. The artist, Zach McCain is working on the interior illustrations and the cover, so I’m looking forward to seeing what he comes up with. The list of stories appearing in Voyeurs of Death is:

The Flibbertigibbet (previously published in DeathGrip: Legacy of Terror #2003 and reprinted Dark Tales #2005)

The Watchers (previously published in Dark Discoveries #Volume 2 issue 2 2005)

Paranoid (unpublished)

The Tunnel (previously published in Hauntings #2004)

Sin Eater (unpublished)

Voyeurs of Death (previously published in Black tears #7 1995)

Life Cycle (previously published in Surreal Magazine #1 2005)

Clockwork (previously published in Wicked Karnival #7 2006)

Peacock Lawn (previously published in New Voices in Horror #2004)

Envy (unpublished)

Snake Charmer (previously published in Peep Show #2004)

Venetian Kiss (previously published in Monsters Ink #2005)

The Quilters of Thurmond (previously published in Grotesque #3 1993)

Dark Inside (unpublished)

Park Life (previously published in Shadowed Realms #2005)

As for my other unsold novels, The Kult and Fangtooth, my agent is shopping them around. There’ve been a few nibbles, but I know she’ll get them to bite eventually. I guess the publishers are just wondering how they’ll be able to keep up with demand if they take them on:-) Anyone interested in reading the first chapters of either novel can visit my website and click on the stories link.