Thursday, January 26, 2012


I've been busy working on some new stuff the last few weeks, and going over some old stuff, and the latest news is that I hope to release four novellas this year. Two of them are going through rounds of edits at the moment. Hopefully the first one to be released will be Dead World and here's a glimpse of the possible cover and blurb, but these are liable to change:

After a pandemic has swept the world, society has crumbled. A remnant of human civilization ekes out an existence in a closed community called Sanctuary. To maintain the status quo they use a lottery, the winners of which join the new gods that reside beyond the walls. But when her daughter is chosen, Anna Charles discovers that the lottery is fixed by despotic church leader, Roman Quail. Now in a frantic bid to save her family, she flees into the hostile environment outside Sanctuary where only the strongest survive, and where all their gods are dead. Literally