Wednesday, December 06, 2006


Well I've just finished the first draft of my latest novel, Deadfall. It's a zombie story, and I'll lay it to rest for a few weeks before reanimating it for the rewrites (I know, terrible but intentional pun)


Brian G Ross said...

Nothin' quite like gettin' that novel out of the way, is there?

Now... to find a publisher.


Shaun said...

Yes Brian, now the hard work will really start - at least for my agent anyway:-)

Steven J Dines said...

Congrats on finishing that first draft, Shaun. I'm yet to reach that goal, but I'll be working on it over the next couple of years - gulp.

Best of luck.

Shaun said...

Thanks, Steven. Just finished the second draft, now my better half is going through it - she's already picked up on a few things I missed.