Saturday, October 13, 2007

Rare horror books on Ebay

I'm selling a few books on ebay if anyone would care to take a look:

Blood and Grit by Simon Clark. Rare 1st Edition, Signed
Annabelle Says by Simon Clark and Stephen Laws. Signed
Heart Shaped Box by Joe Hill. Subterranean Press 1st edition. Signed.
Postscripts 10. Signed by all authors, including King and Hill.
The Sinister Mr Corpse by Jeff Strand. Signed.
The Turtle Boy by Kealan Patrick Burke. Rare. Signed.
The Wicked by Douglas Clegg. Signed.
Madman Stan by Richard Laymon. Rare. 1st
Once Upon a Halloween by Richard Laymon. Rare. Signed

Ebay link


Steven J Dines said...

Seems I've missed out. How much did Postscripts 10 fetch?


Shaun said...

A very disappointing £49.99:-(

I have another copy that I might consider listing. I think I listed it to finish at the wrong time and on the wrong day, the same as Joe Hill's Heart Shaped Box, which only went for £100.

Steven J Dines said...

Did you buy these from ebay or do you have someone on the inside? ;)

Shaun said...

That would be telling;-)

Brian G Ross said...

I saw a signed Jackie Collins book in town last week -- perhaps I should make an investment.


Shaun said...

Probably be worth more than these horror books;-)