Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The evolution of a novel - the cover

As promised, here is the cover for The Kult. It was exactly what I asked for, but I would welcome people's opinions as to what they think when they look at it.

I have also now contacted a couple of authors that I respect asking whether they will read the manuscript with the possibility of offering a blurb for the back.


Dean Timmis said...

The cover looks a lot better...THE KULT.Stands out more...I have read 2 of Shaun Jeffreys Books...I thought both were very good..lets wish him success with this 1.

Steve Jensen said...

Truly excellent, Shaun. :)

onipar... said...

Very cool, Shaun. I love how the cover comes across as "dark" without actually being dark. It has sort of an antique, sepia tone quality that I really like.

Also, the angle of the house helps create a sense of power and foreboding.

The blood splatter near your name is a nice touch too. Great cover.

Is this the final proof, or are they still making adjustments?

Shaun said...

All being well, this is the final cover. You can compare it to the photograph of the actual building by going to the first 'evolution of a novel' post, back on February 24th to see how well the artist has 'brought it to life' so to speak.

anthonynorth said...

I've actually found your blog! That looks a good cover.

Shaun said...

Hey Anthony! Yes, my blog's been in hiding;)