Sunday, August 22, 2010

Principal photography, reviews and ramblings.

With principal photography on The Kult due to start in just over a month’s time, I’ve got a lot to arrange, such as flights and accommodation -- I believe a couple of signings are in the pipeline too somewhere in San Diego, so I’ll post news when I know more. But as I’ll be away after Tuesday I won’t be able to sort anything for the next week or so, but hopefully I’ll return with batteries charged and be raring to go.

On the home front, I’ve been exercising more lately and trying to shift a few pounds. They’re going, but it’s a slow process. I’ve also got three more tattoo appointments booked for September to continue work on my sleeve so September is looking like a hectic month.

I’ve noticed that the reviews of Deadfall on have not been exactly glowing so far. It’s always disappointing when people don’t enjoy something as the sole purpose of a fiction book is to entertain, to transport you from real life and draw you into a world of make-believe where you can lose yourself for a few hours. And if I haven’t entertained, then I haven’t done my job properly. Of course you’re never going to please everyone, but I hope the majority of readers do enjoy what I write. Either way, I value reviews and opinions and I hope more people share theirs.

Thought for the day: Authors have the perfect face for books.

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