Sunday, September 26, 2010

It's all in the stars

Well my US odyssey begins on October 5th, which is the day that I arrive in the States. The next day, I have a book signing arranged:
October 06, 2010
05:00PM - 08:00PM
Barnes & Noble,
El Camino North Shopping Center,
2615 Vista Way,
Oceanside, CA, US

I'm hoping to meet as many people as possible, and hopefully some of the actors from The Kult will turn up too.

During my trip, I have a full itinerary, taking in Temecula, Los Angeles and Las Vegas, but obviously the highlight for me will be seeing some of the filming of my novel. It's not something I ever dreamed would happen, but perhaps it was already mapped out in my future. Let me explain. I visited a fortune teller over 17 years ago in London who told me I was engaged with something creative, and that through this I would become involved in a partnership that would lead me overseas to the US where I would finally be successful. She told me some other things that rang true, like at the time I had a pain in my chest, which wasn't obvious to anyone, but it was the first thing she said to me when I sat down. Like anyone, I was dubious. I guess I still am, but I can dream. And you know what, sometimes, just sometimes, dreams do come true ...

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