Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Mini Promotion Blitz

After the last promotion blitz that I did for The Kult, I decided to plan another one for the second book in the series, Killers. Using the results from last time, I am using the following places for ads to promote the 99c sale:

June 25th: Bookbub
June 25th: Ebook bargain news
June 25th: Indie Book Bargains
June 27th: Bookblast
June 28th: ENT
July 1st: Kindle Books and Tips

Three of those are prepaid ads, which have cost $325 ((£211). ENT charge after the promotion, asking for 25% of the money from the sales their ad generated. 

For the last promotion, Bookbub ran the The Kult as a horror novel, this time Killers is being run as a thriller. 

The results after the first day are excellent and any reservations I had about promoting the second book in a series have been blown away. total sales: 811 8 sales rank: #150 Paid in Kindle Store

Sales of the first book, The Kult at full price, 42

Barnes & Noble sales rank: 30 (won't know actual sales there until Smashwords updates)


Shaun said...

Okay, total sales update time. 972 (rank now 367) 10 (rank now 14,142)

Barnes & Noble rank: 103 (it did reach 26)

There have also now been 70 copies of The Kult sold at full price.

I have the Book Blast promo today, and Ereadernewstoday emailed me to let me know they will be listing it tomorrow :)

Shaun said...

Sales update time. 1068 (rank now 638) 10 (rank now 22,257)

Barnes & Noble rank: 409

There have also now been 72 copies of The Kult sold at full price.

Shaun said... total sales: 1200 (rank now 776) 11

Sales of the first book, The Kult at full price, 82

Barnes & Noble sales rank: 4,135

Smashwords sales for Barnes & Noble have now updated, and I had to look twice. A blistering 1591 sales!!!!!

Shaun said...

Yesterdays update: total sales: 1229 11

Sales of the first book, The Kult at full price, 95

Todays update: total sales: 1270 12

Sales of the first book, The Kult at full price, 106

Overall I've been very pleased with how this promo has gone. It has resulted in nearly 3000 sales of Killers across all avenues and has more than paid back the price of the advertising.

Vicki said...

Wahoo! That's brilliant. The B&N sales are particularly impressive.

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