Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The price is right - or is it?

I’m in the middle of writing two novels, but thought I’d take a quick break and write a blog about the price of books.

I remember a while ago I offered someone a signed copy of The Kult for £5.50, which they seemed okay about, but then I said it will also be another £2 for p & p, at which point they changed their mind. Personally I didn’t think £7.50 for a signed copy was a bad price (it may be a bad book, but that’s another matter entirely). Now my latest news about my short story collection has got me thinking about what people will pay for books, and what makes them decide whether a certain tome will prise open their rock hard grip on all that moola. Voyeurs of Death is a deluxe lettered hardcover edition, priced at $99. Now there are only going to be 26 copies of the deluxe lettered edition printed, so it’s going to be extremely rare, but of course it’s still quite expensive as far as books are concerned. And of course I’ll be the first to admit that my only moment of fame came about when I ran naked through the streets shouting ‘Yee ha, who wants to tame this here cowboy’, so are people going to buy an expensive book from a virtual unknown author with a penchant for exhibitionism? Speculators might buy it in the hope I’ll get arrested for something notorious or perhaps even that I might one day become famous for my writing and not my streaking. Other people might buy it because they, shock horror, like my work. Other people might just have nothing better to spend their money on. While someone else might just like collectible books. So okay, what makes or would make you, the person reading this part with your dosh for an expensive book?

Oh, and for those who want to buy Voyeurs of Death for any of the reasons above, or one I haven't thought about, here's the link: http://www.darkregions.com/products/Voyeurs-of-Death-by-Shaun-Jeffrey.html

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