Sunday, November 21, 2010

Voyeurs and the clichéd dead

I posted about it before, but the lettered deluxe edition of Voyeurs of Death is available for preorder. There are only 26 copies available, so it could become highly collectible if I get off my arse and make something of my writing. Or I could become famous for some crime or other (perhaps they’ll find the bodies) and the same thing happens, which could be an eaiser route to take. Either way, the people who bought a copy will be onto a winner, and of course I’m sure it will be a great looking book too:

And if you buy a copy, until tomorrow, Monday (11/22/2010) anyone who places an order for a Limited Hardcover edition of any of the Dark Regions books will receive one Dark Regions coffee mug of their choice while anyone who places an order for a Deluxe Lettered/Thirteen Hardcover edition of any of their books will have their choice between a t-shirt and a mug from the Merchandise section!:,-Get-a-Shirt!.html

Now for anyone who missed it, I had an interview go online the other day. It was fun to do and it would be great if you could check it out. Just remember to come back after checking it out:

So who’s been watching The Walking Dead? I have, but to be honest I’m not that impressed. The characters seem a little clichéd, and the plot lines do too. This weeks episode supposedly had us believe Merle cut his own hand off with a hacksaw. Was he that dumb he couldn’t cut through the pipe he was handcuffed to? Some people suspect he might have been rescued by the people in the helicopter. Again, what sort of rescuer cuts someone’s hand off when he’s shackled to a rusty bit of metal? I’ve seen other people suggest he’s gone crazy after being left chained up overnight. No shit! The whole thing just seems drawn out too much for my liking. I realise the writers are trying to build their characters (and they’re probably following the graphic comic book that the series is based on, but as I haven’t read it, I don’t know), but to me they are not coming across as natural and more like set pieces in a game of chess that’s afraid to deviate from its path. The clichéd hicks. The clichéd wife beater etc. Or then again perhaps I’m just reading too much into it, but when I saw the week before that our 'hero' was trapped in a tank, you know a bloody tank, designed to enter battle, and he sits there wondering how he's going to escape, and I'm thinking just drive the bloody thing!!!!!

On the writing front, I’m currently nearly a quarter of the way through my latest novel (and hopefully avoiding the clichés). Still a long way to go but as always when you write something, it’s proving to be an interesting journey. What I do like is when you write yourself into a corner, and you think, ‘how the hell am I going to get out of this?’, and then either the answer jumps out at you, or as in my last instance, I reread what I’d already written and discovered that the solution was already there. As I’ve now hit another wall, I’d better get rereading.

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