Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Help needed from readers.

As a writer it’s hard to know what does or doesn’t work where trying to promote books is concerned, and so I would really appreciate it if anyone who has bought one of my books could let me know where they heard about it and what made them decide to purchase a copy. If you don’t want to post on a blog, please email me as I’m really interested in knowing what works and what doesn’t where promotion is concerned. Thanks in advance.



Anonymous said...

Well, I rarely read books myself but have read yours. What interested me was hearing others talk about your book. So...when I did purchase the book it reminded me of what I had been missing out on, such as using my imagination from my youth and I enjoyed it. If the rumors and talks didnt spread I would have not known about your books.

Shaun said...

Well it's a great compliment that you have read my books, so thank you very much.