Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Summer Holiday and The Kult movie

I’ve just arrived home (well at 4 a.m.) from a holiday in Lanzarote. Had a great time chilling in the sun (now I know why they call Lanzarote the windy island though as the wind never stops blowing.) The only disconcerting bit was while waiting for the plane to take off on the way home, and the civil aviation authority wouldn’t let it go. People were getting on and off and talking animatedly with the captain. Eventually the captain announced that there was a minor technical problem that would be fixed soon. An hour and a half later, after a succession of engineers appeared on the scene, we were told it was because there was a screw missing from somewhere underneath the plane, and they had had trouble locating one to replace it with. I’d hate to think what would have happened and how long it would have taken if it was something ‘really’ technical.

I’ll post some pictures when I sort them out, but for anyone who’s never been to Lanzarote it’s certainly got a unique landscape, and resembles the surface of the moon in places. Aside from lazing by the pool, we had a trip to the Timanfaya National Park We also dived underneath the ocean in a submarine, which was great fun. Now I just need to get rid of the excess weight I've put on as I guess I gorged and drank too much, making the most of the all inclusive package!

Anyway, now that I’m refreshed I hope to get back to writing as I've let it slide a lot as of late.

Also while I was away the trailer for The Kult movie was posted. I hope you’ll all check it out, and that if you enjoy it, you’ll click the ‘like’ button and hopefully share the link. And just in case you could have forgotten, the book that the film is based on is still available ;)

Anyway, here are the obligatory links:


Tony said...

Looks great! I noticed at least five or six scenes I remember from the novel. Very cool.

Shaun said...

Thanks, Tony. There are changes, as you'd expect, but the heart of the story is intact :)