Sunday, March 20, 2011


Whenever I can, I'll try to give the members of my newsletter a discount on the books I release. The recent first issue gave readers the chance to get 50% off the cover price of Evilution at Smashwords with a coupon code, bringing the price down to just $0.99. There will be more news soon, and more discounts so if you're interested, please sign up at And for those who missed it, here's a link to the first issue:

One thing I will announce is that there will soon be a revised edition of Deadfall available. This will also include the bonus of an alternative ending (it was the original ending before I changed it). For now, here's what the new cover will look like:


nilling said...

An alternative ending, I would like to read that. Will it be an ebook?

Shaun said...

Yes, it will only be available in ebook format. Whereas films have a 'Director's cut', I'm going to call it the 'Author's cut' as there are changes throughout :)

nilling said...

More than happy to re-read Deadfall :)