Sunday, March 27, 2011

Ups and downs of publishing

As some people might already know, sadly Leucrota Press is no more. As I didn’t want my books, The Kult and Deadfall left in limbo, I’ve re-released them in eBook format. Both have new covers. While The Kult remains the same, Deadfall is a revised edition that I call the ‘Author’s cut’. This edition also features a bonus alternative ending, which was actually the original ending before I had a change of heart and altered it. Both books are available via Amazon and Smashwords and I’d appreciate any help spreading the word that they are available.

While on one hand I'm sad that they are no longer available in paperback (except second hand copies), I do like the fact that they are now under my control (of course if someone offered me a good enough deal, I'd accept and perhaps if the film is a success, the novel rights to The Kult might be more appealing - not that it's not a fantastic book anyway ;)). But with stories of Leisure Books ripping off their authors and lots of uncertainty in the publishing world, it's strange times that's for sure. I mean apart from a few visionaries, most people never believed that eBooks would ever become popular. They also never believed that people would ever make a success of self publishing, but now you have authors such as Amanda Hocking, JA Konrath and Scott Nicholson making a good living at it. And now Barry Eisler has announced that he is going down the self publishing road. But these are the exceptions. Most people who release their own work are lucky if they sell a copy a week or a month, and they'd be lucky to ever make a living at it. I'm among those, but I still love writing, and I know there are a few people out there who like my work, which makes it all seem worthwhile. So thanks :)

In other news, I’m hoping there will be an announcement tomorrow of my next book that will be up for pre order. Watch this space …

The Kult



Tony said...

This is actually the first I've heard about Leucrota Press, I'm sorry to see them go.

I do have the physical copies of your books back from when I reviewed them for Dark Scribe, but the alternate ending/author's cut is very appealing. I may have to scoop that up.

I'll tweet this too, try to get some more lookers. Good luck with this!

Shaun said...

I've made changes throughout, from altering a character to ... well, I won't ruin the surprise for anyone who hasn't read it.

Those physical copies might now become collector's copy's one day! Or you can use them to prop up a wobbly table, whichever suits. lol